onsdag 5 mars 2014

Mini-Reviews x 3: Let it Snow, Slated, Touch of Frost

Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle

English, 368 pages. Read in December 2013

Mini-Review in English:

This novel contains three short companion novels and was a really cute and cozy Christmas read. Highly recommend it! I can't decide which one of the three I liked the best, they were all really good!

Random thoughts and questions:

- This cover is so much prettier irl. Very shiny and nice! And it has pictures of snowflakes inside.
- The first novel mentions Swedish/Sweden and tangentially. Lovely!
- I first thought that "Hash Browns" were short for Hash Brownies....Got a bit confused when they ate it with ketchup and scrambled eggs :P
- OMG one of the stories was a story about a teacup pig!! I loove pigs <3

Slated by Teri Terry

English, 448 pages, Slated #1. Read in December 2013

Mini-Review in English:

A good read, but I am getting more and more tired of all the stereotypical YA elements. It did not feel unique at all (like I hoped), but I still think that I'm going to read the sequel because the "mystery part" was interesting enough and the ending was very thrilling.

Random thoughts and questions:

- I didn't know that this one took place in London. What a great surprise!
- But why do all main characters in YA novels have to be a 16 year old girl that thinks that she is plain? Not very original...
- And why does it always have to contain at least one super gorgeous guy that has model looks? Why not a nice, funny and normal guy that's cute but not inhumanly beautiful?

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep

English, 350 pages, Mythos Academy #1. Read in December 2013

Mini-Review in English:

This was unfortunately also not a very unique YA. It follows the standard patter with a girl who doesn't fit in that moves to a new school/environment and who thinks that she is plain and boring,  but then ends up flirting with one of the cutes guys in the school...

Other than that I quite liked it, a light and fun read, but not as funny as for example Hex Hall.

Random thoughts and questions:

For people who have already read the book. Mark the text between the brackets to read spoilers.

- I like that she likes comic books ^_^ and that she mentions Veronica Mars!
- Daphne reminds me a bit about Jenna from Hex Hall, [the fun best friend that loves pink. Only this time she is a computer geek and ] not a vampire.

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