söndag 16 mars 2014

Cover Characteristic (4): Robots/Androids

This sunday meme is hosted by Sugar & Snark and this week's theme is Robots/Androids.

I loove robots, so I thought this would be easy... but it wasn't. I had quite a hard time finding covers with robots on them for some reason. 



Simple, but gorgeous! I love the red colour and the contrasts. 

Also worth checking out are these awesome covers I found on this page. So coool! But I'm not sure that they're real book covers, I think they're only made for a design assignment, so I didn't think it was fair to choose them. 

7 kommentarer :

  1. When in doubt, look for First Second ;) Robot Dreams är jag nyfiken på, kanske inte världens syggaste omslag, men ändå!

  2. Nice picks. I really like Glitches and The Runaway Robot.

    My CC

  3. Love your picks! Some of these look like they'd be really interesting to read too! I especially love Robot Jesus and Glitches! =)

  4. Fina omslag! Jag gillar verkligen det till Robot Jesus och Glitches. :)

  5. OMG! I completely forgot about Glitch. That is a wonderful cover. I love your picks!!

  6. Glitches is an awesome cover! wish i though of it!..great picks!

  7. I like all the little robots on the cover of Robot Jesus!
    Thanks for joining in last week :)

    Sugar & Snark



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