måndag 1 maj 2017

I Min Brevlåda (71): Book haul!

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  1. I know you have a real job and life outside of your blog and Youtube channel, but I wish you uploaded more. You have an infectious personality that even when you're talking about books you didn't find appealing is endearing. Though how you don't like Fables is nearly a crime! That is one of my favorite comic series.

    1. Yeah I know.... hehe .... I suck at updating regularly >.< Sorry! Been super busy lately and does not look like it is going to change in the near future. Hopefully I will have time to film something on Friday but it's a bit unclear... they are renovating the pipes in my apartment building so this week is a bit hard :/

      Thanks =)

      Hehe yeah but you can't like them all ^___^ most of my friends like Fable also but not me :p



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